NATURAL SOUND at the Warsaw Audio Show 2018:

STAR ROOM - Natural Sound

Natural Sound to make the simply stunning Samurai speakers. What sets the Samurai apart is the ribbon tweeter sat within a horn.  This just does something wonderful to the sound and music sounds incredibly natural and easy to listen to. This was one of my favourite rooms last year and the Samurai are on my list of speakers that I would like to own."

Linette Smith - HiFi Pig

Here we have a Vertere SG-1 Standard Groove record player, Audio Tekne TFM2000 integrated amplifier and Audio Tekne TEA2000 phonostage going into Natural Sound Samurai loudspeakers. These are wonderful looking loudspeakers (youll see how they got their name) that are 94dB efficient. Driver compliment is a 23cm tall air motion transformer tweeter working in a proprietary horn, a 123 midrange with a lightweight paper cone all partnered with an 83 woofer working in a bass reflex arrangement that is tuned to 25 Hz. The finish on these speakers is breathtaking and the sound of this system was spectacular to boot. Audio Tekne amps are handmade Japanese exotica and this is only the second time I`ve had the pleasure of hearing them, on neither occasion was I disappointed.

The bigger speakers are the SoulSonic Hologramm-X and these were being fed with an MSB Select DAC,  Audio Tekne TFA8675 and  Audio Tekne Yamato monoblocs. Speaker cable for both systems was the new Tellurium Q Statement.

This is high-end audio for true connoisseurs of musical reproduction.

My views on the room were that it was incredibly natural sound that was hypnotising with its purity of sound. Imaging was fantastic and the level of fine detail in the music was extraordinary.

Stuart Smith - HiFi Pig
NATURAL SOUND at the Warsaw Audio Show 2017:

Ive been hunting down these distinctive Natural Sound speakers for some time, after hearing them last year at the show and then not being able to find out more about them. The pair on show were the Samurai, and to me they are some of the most beautiful looking and sounding that I have encountered?if we didnt have our beloved Avantgarde Acoustic Duo XDs, Id be seriously considering a pair of these. What really makes them special is the air motion tweeter in a horn, I like them a lot?And then to the other Natural Sound Skybox which featured these, pretty unusual huge Soulsonic speakers, you cant really see but they feature a ribbon tweeter down the edge. Again stunning sounding.

The Miro Krajnc creation being demoed in Warsaw was the Natural Sound Samurai, which looks quite a bit different from the SoulSonic Hologramm-X but shares some design traits and achieves similarly impressive performance. Again, a 12 paper-cone midrange is used, sharing the trapezoidal base with an 18 woofer. The top section  holds a 23cm-high air-motion transformer (AMT) tweeter, similar to those found in speakers from GoldenEar Technology, MartinLogan, and others, but much taller. Its mounted in a wooden horn to increase efficiency; the sensitivity of the speaker is rated at 94dB. The Samurai is built in two locations, depending on which markets are being served: Poland and United States (Los Angeles, California).

"Next door we listened to Japanese Audio Tekne electronics and Natural Sound Samurai speakers from Slovenia. These 3-ways have crossover points at 200 and 2'500Hz and cover 25Hz-20kHz with an efficiency of 94dB. This is accomplished with a 23cm AMT tweeter loaded with a horn; mid frequencies in the hands of a 12" paper cone; and the bottom end from an 18" woofer in a bass reflex box. The model TEA 2000 was Audio Tekne's phono stage and the TFM 2000 an 8wpc integrated push-pull design with 6AS7G tubes. Turntable on duty was a Vertere MG-1 with SG-1 arm. With us being so early that we had the room to ourselves, the sound quality was fantastic: clean, open, dynamic and with a deep soundstage. Width was not at par with the rest, possibly due to close wall proximity relative to the horn flare. Maybe a stronger toe-in would have helped? But that also would have limited the listening area to one or two seats. Anyway, a good start for a show day."

NATURAL SOUND at the Warsaw Audio Show 2016:

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